Grab a bargain with these Silhouette 8609 Sunglasses

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Silhouette 8609 sunglasses are made of Titanium; intensive research has enabled Silhouette to evolve the high-tech metal to meet the special demands of eyewear production. Titanium is particularly elastic and at the same time extremely sturdy. These sunglasses have complete protection against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation up to 400nm.

Silhouette 8609Features:
UV400 protection
Silhouette case

SAVE £28.80 off the RRP only £115.20

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Sunglasses for kids

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Getting your children to wear sunglasses is as important as getting them to wear sun cream, after all you only have one pair of eyes.
As a parent it is up to you to look after your child’s health, they are children after all. Their eyes are susceptible to UV damage; just as much as ours are; which can lead to everything from painful yet easily healed surface burns to irreversible cataracts. It is also important to note that children tend to spend much more time outdoors than adults, which means they demand even more protection from the sun’s threats.

Bolle Junior Bolle PrinceMany designers offer a kids range including Ray Ban; Police and Bolle to name a few, there is even a designer who specialises in sunglasses for babies, Baby Banz.

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Choosing the right type of lens for your sunglasses

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Above all the first thing to think about when choosing a lens for your sunglasses is UV protection. There is no point spending time choosing a lens colour to compliment your frame, face or outfit if it does not protect your eyes. After all you can change your outfit, but you only get one pair of eyes.

Most of the designer brands have this sorted and offer UVA, UVB and UVC protection up to 400 across their range. Just be aware if you are not buying a genuine designer brand to check the level of UV protection. When choosing your lenses there are a few other Tom Ford FT0120 Nataliathings to think about:
Gradient lenses – these are great for driving as the lens is dark at the top and gradually lightens towards the bottom. This means that glare is reduced as well as allowing the driver to see the dashboard easily.
Polarised lenses – these are excellent at reducing glare. They do this by filtering the light waves and absorbing some of the reflected glare.
Photochromatic lenses – sometimes known as photochromic lenses are used mostly for prescription lenses. They are available for non prescription lenses as well and make for a very versatile option. They react to the brightness of the light and darken or lighten accordingly.
Lens colour – there are a wide variety of colours to choose from with grey being the most common. Choose your colour wisely as the colour you choose will affect the colours you see.

  • Dole and Gabbana 4057Grey offers minimal colour distortion which is probably why it is the most popular.
  • Brown and green offer similar colour distortion to grey but then give you greater contrast.
  • Pink, red and blue lenses give good contrast but will distort the colours you see to a much greater extent; ever heard of rose tinted glasses.
  • If you want your lenses for activities e.g. sports; amber lenses give one of the highest levels of contrast.

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