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Top designer and fashion sunglasses and shades

At shadetastic.co.uk you can find all the big designer sunglasses brands from the leading French and Italian fashion houses to the top names in sport... all at fabulously discounted prices. So whether you are looking for aviators, diamante encrusted, mirrored, polarised or the latest wraparound, you are sure to find something deilivshly hot right here.

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About our different designer brands

Roxy is a well known surfing brand aimed at active girls and women. Ideal for fun loving girls who love to surf, or want to look the part, to Roxy sunglasses collection comes in bright playful colours. See discounted Roxy sunglasses>
If you are looking for polarised sunglasses, then look no further than Maui Jim. With advanced polarised technology combined with luxury, the American brand Maui Jim is renowned for some of the best polarised lenses on the market. And, as the name would suggest, the collection has a blend of oceanic and Hawaiian themes that make sunlight pleasurable, whatever the weather. See discounted Maui Jim sunglasses>
Converse is probably best known for its origins of fashionable footwear, but the brands has become a Worldwide phenomenon since its launch in 1908. Converse highly fashionable products, has now spread to sunglasses and their collection is subtly toned yet stylish and is extremely eye catching. See discounted Converse sunglasses>
Oakley is a sunglasses leader with its innovative designs protected by over 550 worldwide patents. So to put it simply they will be nothing like you've seen and nothing you've ever worn. Oakley sunglasses remain unbeaten in every category and sunglasses test undertaken. See discounted Oakley sunglasses>
With a maritime feel, Nautica has a wide range of sunglasses that will appeal to all tastes and is suited to all occasions. Nautical prides itself on developing lifestyle eyewear that will appeal to all with a fantastic selection of fashionable frames that were originally inspired by yachts. As well as being deeply practical the sunglasses are fashionable and include a selection of polarised lenses. See discounted Nautica sunglasses>
Michael Kors is well known for his lavish decoration and attention to detail and this sunglass collection offers more of the same. Michael Kors sunglasses combine his panache and class with a unique and modern which create a range of shades that you will love. See discounted Michael Kors sunglasses>
55DSL is a new line from the established hyper cool Diesel. Live at least fifty five seconds a day, the 55DSL collection offers accessible sunglasses that owe much to sports enthusiasts. 55DSL provide a rich mixture of urban and extreme culture that are strong enough to cope in most radical conditions while still looking stunning. See discounted 55DSL sunglasses>
Nike almost transcends every facet of sport and life! Although traditionally associated with sports wear, Nike now offer a versatile range of premium performance sunglasses that are as at home on the beach, driving as they are on a sports field. An iconic brand Nike sunglasses make you feel like a star. See discounted Nike sunglasses>
Carve is synonymous with the sports and fashion Worlds. Although Carve is an established brand, they remain reasonably priced and adored by surfers. The Carve sunglasses collection is full of iconic, retro, trendy frames in colours and styles that are suited to all tastes and personalities. See discounted Carve sunglasses>
Jimmy Choo has become an iconic shoe brand, in part to Sex and the City's addiction to the brand. But the Jimmy Choo brand has grown well beyond these beginnings with accessories now including shoes, bags and now sunglasses. The Jimmy Choo Italian made sunglasses are both luxurious and practical with just the right amount of understated distinctiveness. See discounted Jimmy Choo sunglasses>
Burberry is a famous British brand known the World over. With over 150 years of heritage to call upon, everything Burberry does wreaks of style and class. Burberry have now applied this style to this superb range of Italian made sunglasses that's boast modernistic lines and luxurious quilted check and plaid arms. See discounted Burberry sunglasses>
Nueu is well known for its quality and durable optics. Nueu sunglasses start from an unbelievable GBP25 which is amazing for high quality sports orientated frames..... Nueu isn't cheap, it's simply amazing value for your money. See discounted Nueu sunglasses>
Established in the middle of the last century, Givenchy has become a leading Paris fashion house synonymous with style. The Givenchy sunglass collection reflects the brands style and offers a superb range of designer chic frames... sheer luxury and magnificence. See discounted Givenchy sunglasses>
Vivienne Westwood is almost a British institution with her unconventional, lavish and ornate designs. The Vivienne Westwood sunglasses collection provides all the glamour and modern couture that you could ever want. Although traditionally inspired, this Westwood sunglass collection have been restyled to produce original and fashionable results. See discounted Vivienne Westwood sunglasses>
Dior remains one of the most influential French fashion houses. Dior sunglasses have become famed for some of the World's most popular oversized celebrity frames. As you would expect from a major fashion house, Dior is keen to experiment with a rainbow of bright colours and combinations but whatever you choose it is sure to have style. See discounted Dior sunglasses>
Jee Vice sunglasses were heavily featured in Sex in the City II and so can rest assured that they are bang on trend. The Jee Vice sunglasses collection has gone beyond the film, gaining a cult celebrity following that speaks volumes, but so do the shades. The Jee Vice collection features the ever popular oversized sunglasses in an array of exquisite colours and bold designs. See discounted Jee Vice sunglasses>
A leading sunglasses brand, Bloc sunglasses are beautifully made and are exceptionally functional. An internationally renowned eyewear brand, Bloc has maintained their position as one of the strongest sunglasses brands on the market. Bloc is a timeless and affordable collection of superb sunglasses. See discounted Bloc sunglasses>
Ralph Lauren is for everyone who thinks fashion is a lifestyle choice. Ralph Lauren's sunglasses are timeless and are a valuable part of anyone's sunglasses collection and there is such a great range available that you can find a pair to suit any look, outfit or mood. See discounted Ralph Lauren sunglasses>
Persol is well known for its instantly recognisable ornate silver arrow. As an iconic brand, Persol has an extensive heritage and this latest collection has all the hallmarks of Persol style, quality and a loyal love for detail. See discounted Persol sunglasses>
North Beach offer some stylish and fashionable sunglasses at great prices. North Beach have a great range of polarised sunglasses that have style and charisma that even look good alongside sunglasses from the high end fashion market, so don't let the lower prices put you off. See discounted North Beach sunglasses>
A leading Italian designer, D&G move beyond the catwalk with their sunglasses collection that is renowned for its stylish risk taking. D&G's imaginative sunglasses will capture your attention and you can never go to far wrong with those famous D&G initials. See discounted D&G sunglasses>
Tom Ford is one of the big designers behinds Gucci's incredible success but has now launched his own range of sunglasses. Tom Ford sunglasses are loved by the world's beautiful people with Tom Ford shades having adorned celebrities from James Bond to Cheryl Cole. See discounted Tom Ford sunglasses>
Cebe is considered a pioneer in the manufacturing of fashion and sports sunglasses. The Cebe no nonsense industrial style is aligned to performance lenses which boast optimised optical quality and extra grip temples for a comfortable secure fit. If you have not experienced Cebe before, then now is the time. See discounted Cebe sunglasses>
Vogue contains some of the hottest designer sunglasses around. Opulent, young, modern, flirtatious, stylish... the Vogue sunglass collection has it all and provide a vivacious collection of sunglasses for the modern and fashionable female. See discounted Vogue sunglasses>
Often known for its sports roots, Carrera is fast becoming a big player in the sunglasses and fashion market. Helped by its popularity in the entertainment industry, Carrera's futuristic aviators in a selection of colours will leave you spoilt for choice. What's more, with prices starting in the GBP50's you don't have to spend too have your very own little piece of Hollywood! See discounted Carrera sunglasses>
A famous water sports brand, Animal frames are designed for young sports men and women who desire practicality, style and comfort. Animal sunglasses are tried and tested by a team of professional water sport specialists so you can be rest assured that your eyewear can withstand whatever challenges the sport of your passion has to throw at you. See discounted Animal sunglasses>
What more needs to be said about the iconic Chanel other than high fashion cool, chic. Chanel continue to deliver expensive simplicity, opulence and extreme femininity through the simple designs of Chanel sunglasses. Some may say that Chanel projects confidence and effeminacy that combine the original founders timeless vision with modern day styling - we just say fantastic sunglasses! See discounted Chanel sunglasses>
Miu Miu is a youthful and urban styling brand which is a sister brand to the ultra cool Italian fashion house Prada. Designed by Miuccia Prada, Miu Miu sunglasses offer an exciting rainbow of colour. The brand is now the world map thanks to celebrities like Mischa Barton and Gwen Stefani who are great fans of the Miu Miu 66HS and 65HS. See discounted Miu Miu sunglasses>
Arnette is a sporting brand whose lightweight, contemporary modern eyewear are highly popular. With durable UV eliminators, Animal sunglasses have a proven durability that enhances sporting performance and look great. Arnette is now just a sports brand as they are worn by, among others, Snoop Dog and actor Mickey Rourke! See discounted Arnette sunglasses>
The Versace name speaks for itself... one of the biggest names in fashion. The Versace sunglasses collections, worn by so many celebrities, are often ornate pieces that are easily recognisable through their distinctive Greek fret pattern and Medusa brand signature. See discounted Versace sunglasses>
Marc is a new fashion fusion line from the established and popular Marc Jacobs. The Marc collection features current and upcoming trends rather than the traditional longer term pieces in the main Marc Jacobs brand. Although experimental and leading edge designs, they are unbelievably low priced and fun. See discounted Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses>
If you are looking for quality and durability, look no further than the US Military and Air Forces sunglass supplier, Randolph Engineering. For nearly 30 years Randolph Engineering has provided classic American styles to be used in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. With such a pedigree, you know that these sunglasses are simply the best in fashion and quality. See discounted Randolph Engineering sunglasses>
Marc Jacobs offers luxurious sunglasses but with a more modest price tag. Known for thinking outside the box, Marc Jacobs sunglasses offer outrageously brilliant sunglasses with distinctive looks and where no two frames are the same. See discounted Marc Jacobs sunglasses>
Revo sunglasses are attractive, functional and fashionable. The Revo sunglasses collection offers polarised lenses as standard and their frames are made of high quality materials for the ultimate in comfort and fit. See discounted Revo sunglasses>
Pucci designs are renowned for being charismatic, trendy and highly popular. Pucci sunglasses live up to this reputation with sunglasses that boast geometric shapes and exquisite colouring that make these a prize possession. See discounted Pucci sunglasses>
The iconic fashion brand Prada has developed a high quality sport sunglasses collection under the name Prada Sport. Unlike so many sports sunglasses, Prada Sport is a collection of highly stylish shades and sunglasses that have become hugely successful in the sports arena. See discounted Prada Sport sunglasses>
A truly global sports brand, Adidas offers superb eyewear that is developed with top sports athletes. The Adidas range includes both performance eyewear as well as top fashion frames. Adidas provides ultimate vision and optimum protection in the form of their light stabilising technology used to enhance their lenses which intensifies contrasts to improve optics. See discounted Adidas sunglasses>
Bolle sunglasses are immaculately constructed that look great and are suitable for the road and the race track. The Bolle sunglasses optimise performance via style and fit, typical of a precision brand that perfects every product detail through each step of the design process. See discounted Bolle sunglasses>
Ray Ban are simply the most popular sunglasses brand in history with a celebrity cult following that other designers dream of. Ray Bay has been around since the early 1930s but its sunglass designs are truly timeless that have withstood the test of time, whatever the style or fashion. See discounted Ray Ban sunglasses>
Oakley Women's collection took the high quality engineering of the Oakley sunglasses to the worlds finest female athletes. Oakley have delivered a collection that gives the female population a choice of feminine, breathtaking frames that are man enough to stand up to most extreme sporting conditions. See discounted Oakley Womens sunglasses>
Dirty Dog focus on function, being both strong and light weight and protecting you from the suns UV rays... in fact, everything sunglasses are supposed to be. Dirty Dog sunglasses are highly durable flexible plastic frames which importantly avoid stress cracking while their metal frames are rust resistant. However, don't let the hardcore frames confuse you, they have so many styles and combinations you are sure to find some great shade for you. See discounted Dirty Dog sunglasses>
Ed Hardy sunglasses were borne out of an unusual collaboration between one of the world's most respected tattoo artist, Don Ed Hardy, and fashion leader Christian Audiger. Offering sunglasses for both men and women, the Ed Hardy frames vaunt the legendary designs of Don Ed Hardy in comic strip format and explosions of diamante stones. See discounted Ed Hardy sunglasses>
Popular with the legend of the entertainment industry, Fendi sunglasses have become famous the world over. The exclusive, Italian made sunglasses are adorned with imaginative design traits, including the Fendi buckle and mythical Zucca print. See discounted Fendi sunglasses>
Polo is favourite brand and its sunglasses collection lives up to the great American styling legacy. There is never any doubting Ralph Lauren accessories designs and the Polo sunglasses collection lives up to the name with a versatility that ensures they go with everything. See discounted Polo sunglasses>
With the Gucci name you are assured of glamour, class and haute couture. The Gucci sunglass collection offers vintage glamour by the bucket load with the unmistakable take on sophistication and moderninity that only Gucci can offer. For women, the ladies sunglass collection offers glamour, vintage, iconic pieces while Gucci's men's sunglasses provide linear shapes and perfect proportions, created for a man with discerning tastes. See discounted Gucci sunglasses>
Roberto Cavelli has a hard won reputation for developing inventive designs with many having a wild, almost erotic frames. Roberto Cavelli is an Italian designer who specialises in revamping and recreating old classics. See discounted Roberto Cavelli sunglasses>
The name Prada conjures many iconic images and its sunglasses live up to the images. The Italian fashion house is an innovator of thought provoking modern day style that takes its colours from a classic palette of neutral Prada tones. Prada sunglasses are opulent and a true reflection of Miuciaa Prada's extensive heritage of fine quality craftsmanship. See discounted Prada sunglasses>
Stella McCartney shot to fame through her high quality fashion design and she has repeated this success with her sunglasses collection. Stella McCartney is an attentive designer whose ability to listen to her customers has led her to create a collection of precious ready to wear sunglasses that come in an exciting array of shapes. See discounted Stella McCartney sunglasses>
Emporio Armani sunglasses offer Armani style and elegance but with a more affordable price. As you would expect, the Emporio Armani sunglasses reflect an understated elegance and high quality for both men and women. See discounted Emporio Armani sunglasses>
Tiffany is an iconic name although not one you might associate with sunglasses. So we are pleased to say that Tiffany have released their first sunglasses collection which builds on their reputation for supreme craftsmanship. See discounted Tiffany sunglasses>
The style and fashion sense of New York, the Donna Karen sunglasses collection represents everything you would expect of this iconic US brand. The sunglasses are fun, fast, electric and real, capturing the exciting essence of New York. See discounted DKNY sunglasses>
Looking for high style on a budget, then SXUC is for you. SXUC has developed a vast range of alluring sunglasses that provide designer levels of quality and style minus the top prices. See discounted SXUC sunglasses>
As you would expect from a modern brand, Paul Smith sunglasses are bang on trend, stylish and massively popular. Paul Smith sunglasses are handcrafted from the finest materials, each and every design is precisely engineered to offer the most comfortable fit. A creative, diverse and eclectic collection. See discounted Paul Smith sunglasses>
Von Zipper is a modern, fresh and forward thinking brand that dares to be different. The Von Zipper sunglasses collection has a strong sports focus but still manages to be laid back and trendy. With plenty of colour twists and great styling Von Zipper sunglasses collection is both modern and fashionable. See discounted Von Zipper sunglasses>
From the World famous designer fashion house, Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses are the ultimate accessory. For glamour and style, Dolce and Gabbana can not be beaten and their class never fades so a pair of their sunglasses will prove a great investment for years to come. See discounted Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses>
The DVB brand continues to grow in both the UK and US. Victoria Beckham's influential and publically admired style has moved in to sunglasses with the development of a collection of large format sunglasses. The DVB sunglasses collection has quality frames that are worn not only by the Beckhams but also a growing celebrity circle. See discounted DVB sunglasses>
If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, then Diesel is the brand for you. Diesel shuns the latest fashion styles and trends, and instead focuses on bringing something completely original unlike anything else that's currently available in the sunglasses market. Diesel has been so successful in developing its own style it has now become a fashion leader in its own right. See discounted Diesel sunglasses>
DSquared is a high end fashion brand that well known for its forward thinking and challenging styling in clothing, footwear, fragrances and cosmetics industries. The DSquared sunglasses collection consists of mega cool designs and contemporary twists on iconic styles. See discounted DSquared sunglasses>
Max&Co sunglasses are aimed at style conscious, creative young women. The Max and Co sunglasses collection is creative, ignoring design rules to develop authenticity and style in a youthful, feminine collection. See discounted Max & Co sunglasses>
Although it quite literally took its early inspiration from US police sunglasses, Police has developed in to a huge sunglasses brand across the world. With global glamour and some gothic elements, Police sunglasses are a symbol of an energetic metropolitan lifestyle. See discounted Police sunglasses>
One of the top names in Fashion, Alexander McQueen, in conjunction with Gucci, has created some of the most stunning and opulent sunglasses available today. Alexander McQueen's sunglasses style and brand knows no limits which results in a typically well crafted frames that demand reverence. See discounted Alexander McQueen sunglasses>
Oliver Peoples have developed a range of celebrity inspired retro frames that are a cult accessory in L.A. Although a new brand to many that the traditional fashion power houses, Oliver Peoples have been designing and making sunglasses for over 20 years so you can be sure that your sunglasses will be built to the highest standards. See discounted Oliver Peoples sunglasses>
Polaroid Sunglasses are built robustly to perform in the toughest conditions but are just as good for sport and everyday life. With shock-absorbing, shatter-resistant cushion elements laminated inside the lenses and tested to withstand impact and protect the eye, Polaroid sunglasses are tough. Added to which, unique scratch-resistance lenses can take everyday knocks and look good as new. And if that is not enough... they look good too! See discounted Polaroid sunglasses>
Serengeti is one of the top polarised sunglasses makes in the world. With a unique blend of lens features, Serengeti sunglasses are ideally suited to driving and aviation, as well as offering luxurious frames that cater to both men and women. See discounted Serengeti sunglasses>
Quicksilver has become an enduringly popular sports based fashion brand with its roots in surfing, skateboarding and other water sports. Quiksilver sunglasses are a highly sought after brand with a huge variety styles and colours for these great shades. See discounted Quiksilver sunglasses>
Think of Bvlgari and you think of specialist, lavish Italian accessories inspired by Greek and Roman art, not forgetting its extraordinary jewellery collections. Bvlgari sunglasses are no exception with precious metals and Swarovski crystals with diamond like qualities all exuding quality. The sunglasses collection demands your attention as no words can define the pure quality of Bvlgari sunglasses. See discounted Bvlgari sunglasses>
John Galliano has long been a cat walk favourite but it has taken a long time for the world renowned British designer to launch his own sunglasses collection. Not surprisingly, the John Galliana sunglasses instantly made an impact with its old school glamour, high-tech romance and innovative craftsmanship. The slightly eccentric designer has drawn inspiration from everywhere to create some striking designs empowered by his alternative concepts. See discounted John Galliano sunglasses>


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